Weekly Top 10 MTG Standard Black Decks Updated December 5th of 2020

Weekly Best MTG Standard Black Decks December 5

Hello again! This is your weekly update of the best MtG standard “best of 1” decks that I’ve played on MtG Arena.

Some of these decks are on the list for quite some time now because I haven’t had the chance to play them again.

These decks are at least 60% in win rates and have been playtested by me for at least 20 games.

Here are my top Magic the Gathering Black decks this week.

1. Mono-Black Lurrus Squad by Jim Davis

Win Rate: 75%
Games: 20

2. Mono-Black Lurrus by AetherHub.com

Win Rate: 71%
Games: 35

3. Mono-Black Standard Lurrus Squad by CoolStuffInc

Win Rate: 70%
Games: 20

4. Mono-Black Drana by Merchant

Win Rate: 65%
Games: 20

5. Mono-Black Aggro by BenchStarPlayer.com

Win Rate: 65%
Games: 20

6. Mono-Black Aggro by icgstore

Win Rate: 65%
Games: 20

7. Mono-Black Budget Lurrus by LegenVD

Win Rate: 65%
Games: 20

8. Mono-Black Fiend by AetherHub.com

Win Rate: 65%
Games: 20

9. Rakdos Aggro by TheNewDrSpilikin

Win Rate: 65%
Games: 20

10. Mono-Black Demonic Nightmare by AliasV

Win Rate: 63%
Games: 30


There you have it.

I hope I get the chance to play more of these to update their stats.

For now, I’m still playing some of the decks that don’t have at least 20 games to gauge their win rates more accurately.

I also need to play more 2-colored decks like Dimir, Golgari, Orzhov, and Rakdos.

I just noticed that there’s only 1 Rakdos deck on the list. Either I haven’t played too many of these decks or I’m not used to playing Rakdos.

If you have comments or suggestions, please leave a comment on the videos.

Thank you!

Work hard! Have Fun! Do Good!

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