What Young Players Do Wrongly in Basketball

What Young Players Do Wrong in Basketball

There are different styles of playing basketball and there are innovations in the game but here are a few things that I think young players are doing wrongly when playing basketball.  I’m referring to 5 on 5 basketball or organized basketball where you play in leagues.




Dribbling Too Much
This is a disease that you often see and extends up to the older days.  When you see young point guards, they would rather dribble the ball and do something flashy instead of giving it up to the open teammate or passing the ball forward.  The ball travels faster when you pass it than dribbling and running with it.


Making a 3 point shot attempt during a 2 on 1 Fast Break
This is only acceptable if you really need 3 points instead of 2 points for the situation.  These days, you’ll see a young player pull off a 3-pointer instead of luring the defender or making a faint move and then make a lay-up for yourself.  My points here are that a layup is still a higher percentage field goal attempt against an open 3-point shot.  Another point is the feelings of your teammate running down the court and seeing you just pull up for a 3-pointer and missing with the defender getting the rebound.


Still in the same status after a flashy move
Do you notice flashy players with awesome moves do this?  They’ll make a good cross-over move and get back to their position, or they’ll make a good fake and still be on the same position.  When you do a move, there should always be a purpose.  Normally the purpose of say a cross-over is to leave your man behind for a shot or a pass.  You don’t just make a flashy dribble then go back to where you are and think of another flashy move to show-off.


Lack of Enthusiasm in Defense
There are only rare cases when young players love to do defensive work.  They will most likely hone or look to improve their offensive skills and leave behind defensive skills.  It’s easier to stay in front of an offensive player but it’s harder to study passing lanes, offensive players’ mannerisms, and the discipline to always run back in defense, and discipline to close out and challenge outside shots.


These are 4 things that I currently observe with younger players when they play basketball.  Do you agree or not?  Do you notice anything else that they can improve on?



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