Westbrook and George to the NBA Finals

Westbrook and George to the NBA Finals

In a surprise trade (for me), OKC receives Paul George for Victor Oladipo and Sabonis. This means that OKC will definitely be back in the NBA Playoffs provided everyone is healthy.


This trade should shock teams who are still marketing for Paul George in the rumor mill.




OKC will now have a very good core of Russell Westbrook as the point guard, Paul George as shooting the guard, and Steven Adams at the center position. Besides the trio, we could expect a lot as well with the other members of the team like Taj Gibson, Jerami Grant, Enes Kanter, Doug McDermott, and Andre Roberson. They may still want to go look out of for a wing defender and a really good shooter.


Will they beat Golden State Warriors? I believe they can but it would be a tough fight. In a playoff series, they can win but most likely will go to a game number 7. Oklahoma City Thunder is starting to look good and fans have something more to look forward to.


The question now is will Paul George be still there in the following year? I believe YES, for as long as they have a good showing and the Thunder reaches at least the NBA West Coast Finals.


What do you think?



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