Top 5 Basketball Skills For Post Players

5 Basketball Skills For Post Players

Basketball is a fun and amazing game popular among kids and adults alike. Basketball can be a fun recreational activity, but professional matches on the court are physically-demanding and highly-technical. The game demands five players on the court.

The players have different roles, though some of their roles require similar actions. The post player often called C or pivot is a game-defining player who requires a different set of skill to help others on the court. Compiled below are five essential basketball skills for post players.


Top 5 Basketball Skills For Post Players

Drop Step Post Move

When a post player is on the block, he/she has to be sure not to start too low because then, they will be right under the ring and will face difficulties in performing the drop step. As the move starts, a passer dribbles to make way for the winger so that he/she can have a wide angle passing view of the court.

In the meantime, a post player ducks forward to receive the pass. After getting the pass, the post player drops a step to the baseline, dribbling hard and trying to be in a better position to shoot. Low post drill, when executed properly, fakes the defender to go in opposite direction and leaves the basket open for an easy shot.


The most significant skill for a post player is undoubtedly footwork. As we know, all the greatest post player of all times have unbelievable footwork. No matter what style of gameplay they have, footwork is magical. The post player with great footwork can easily mislead the defenders in the opposite direction.

Front Pivot, Inside Pivot are most essential footwork skill which tricks the defender and provides an easy opportunity to score. Thus, include pivot moves in your post footwork drills when you are on the court for practice.


The long-range, as well as mid-range and short-range shots, are essential to every player on the court. However, the short-range shot is a must-have essential skill for a post player. The rather crowded around the ring requires tricking the defender right behind you back ready to make a block.

The pump fake move can be combined with a jump shot to make the bucket after tricking the defender. Hook shot can fool the defender easily if a player can fake their arm swings to take defender by surprise. Thus, fining tuned shot is the most important skill for post players.

Hard Sprinting And Jumping

The post player is often the leading man after power forward for turning around the game. The quick layups available at fast break requires a hard run because the opponent’s ring is often open for easy points. The post player needs to react quickly to fast break options available at moments of lucky steals and good rebounds from teammates. Hence, hard sprinting needs a place in the post footwork drills of a post player.

Additionally, a post player must be able to have higher jump skills to capitalize on rebound moments should your partner’s shots fail to go in the bucket. The jumping helps in catching the ball for a smooth turn and hook shot to improve teams score.


The counter is an essential weapon which needs to be present in a post player’s arsenal. The players often make shots on their more comfortable foot, but the defenders block their pivot foot shots easily. Similarly, they may sometimes slip on their foot and might have to stop and leverage on the step to take another go at the shot.

In such moments, taking a counter pivot on initial pivot foot to cross over and make a clean shot can be helpful. The up and under move can help a post player grasp the counters concept, and it needs to be in low post drills.



A post player must have the will never to give up as this is quite a dependable position in basketball. The defenders usually play near post are often taller and possess the ability to block shots easily. So, five basketball skills for post players mentioned are pretty essential basics.

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