Why Philadelphia 76ers Will Win the 2018 NBA Championship

Why Philadelphia 76ers Will Win the 2018 NBA

Reasons why the 76ers will win this year’s NBA Championship


While the odds suggest that the idea of the Philadelphia 76ers winning the 2018 NBA championship is quite farfetched, here are five reasons why it wouldn’t come as a surprise if they pulled off a Leicester city kind of fairy tale.




A young and promising squad

A key cog in the well-oiled machine that is the Sixers is Jahlil Okafor, a center with a penchant for the attacking side of the game. His footwork is mesmerizing and he can float like a butterfly which is quite surprising given that he weighs a staggering 270 pounds!

He uses his large frame well and on his day, is usually a nightmare for opposition defenders who just can’t cope with the sheer power he has to offer.

Nerlens Noel is another promising talent and he has really come into his own last season. He has averaged an impressive 1.5 steals and 2.5 blocks per game. Just to show you how amazing those stats are, you’d have to go back 28 years for the last time someone posted similar records!

Next up is Joel Embiid; a player who is like a hybrid of the two aforementioned players as he has mastered the offensive part of the game and has the defensive prowess to match. He combines the best attributes of both worlds and is truly a force to reckon with although he is a bit injury prone.


A great coach in Brett Brown

While Brown has received more than his fair share of criticism in recent seasons because of below-par results, there is no doubting his ability as a coach. He may not have the records to show for it; however, true lovers of the game understand that a team’s success is judged on more than just numbers. There have been improvements this past season and the team is generally playing well.

Moreover, he has the ability to inspire the best out of his players who love him and are ready to heed his every word. There is nothing more important than a team that is willing to go to the ends of the world for its coach.


Money isn’t a problem

Although the team is keen on developing a team around draft picks in the hopes of uncovering diamonds from the mud, do not be mistaken, the Sixers have great financial might. They are among the top ten teams in the championship in this regard.

However, the goal is to first build a team that regularly reaches the playoffs before they can start bringing in proven players


Draft picks

The Philadelphia 76ers have a combined total of 22 first and second round picks at their fingertips over the next four years (10 first round picks). Therefore, the chances of the team getting the very best the game has to offer are high. Such players plus the blossoming squad will no doubt turn them into a team worth looking out for.


They might not among the title favorites but the team’s potential is one that cannot be ignored. The journey to the title is always a hectic one and takes great character and consistency. However, they have all that it takes; all they need to do now is believe.



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