Michael Jordan vs Kobe Bryant vs Lebron James

jordan vs kobe vs lebron

Here’s a fun way of comparing the three using stats comparison based on their age groups.  Who do I pick to be the best?


21 years old basketball stat battle

Comparing Jordan, Bryant, and James when they were 21 years old, we can obviously see the biggest difference is in points per game.  Lebron at this age is playing more minutes thus giving him more scoring opportunities while inside the playing court.  Despite Michael averaging 2.4 steals per game, I’d give this to Lebron.  21 years old and averaging 30+ points per game, 7 rebounds per game, and 6+ assists per game.




26 years old basketball stat battle

5 years after, Michael Jordan now leads in scoring with 33.6 points per game.  He still averages 2.8 steals per game.  He is both an offensive and a defensive threat, making him part of the All-defensive team.  Kobe stat-wise is average compared to the two but he’s playing a lot more jotting 40.7 minutes per game. Lebron dipped in scoring but improved his passing to 7 assists per game. At this age group, Michael Jordan wins.


32 years old basketball stat battle

Final round is when they’re at 32 years old. Michael Jordan still keeps his 30 points per game performance and 2.2 steals per game. An under-rated or unnoticed skill Jordan possesses is his 43% 3-point shooting percentage.  This round I’ll give it a tie between Michael Jordan and Lebron James. I would go with Michael but it’s hard to over-look that Lebron is averaging more than 8 both in rebounds and assists. Kobe despite having good stats as well looked very average compared to both Lebron and Michael.

Final result, based on stats, I would pick Lebron James. He’s pretty consistent with scoring and yet always leads the other two both in rebounds and assists per game. He also doesn’t shy away from playing more minutes. He however does need to improve more on his free-throw shooting percentage since he’s the more likely player to drive to the basket and get free-throw attempts.


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