How To Train Basketball Defense

Train Basketball Defense

While on a basketball court, a good defense can turn out to be your team’s strongest asset. A stop on the defense can actually make the difference between bowing your head to defeat and hoisting a championship trophy.

Great defenders know that a mix of conditioning, techniques, and instincts are required. This is why the best defenders make every effort in each ball possession. Here are some of the drills that can help you train for defense.


How To Train Basketball Defense


The first major rule of defense is dictation. Instead of making the offense to control the game, the defense should dictate to him. In most instances, it’s the offense which makes the room while the defense reacts. A good defensive team should, therefore, force the offensive team to react.

When the offense brings the ball you should train your team to stand back and allow them to decide where they want to go to. Forcing the offensive team to play your style is one of the first steps in becoming a stronger team.


Get Help

The more defenders you have, the stronger your defense will be. This means when one defender is beaten the others will automatically take charge. This is all about defensive help. When you are able to shrink the court and dictate to the ball then defensive will get better.

When you are on the ball side, you need to first guard the man before guarding the ball. The man with the ball is usually the most dangerous man inside the court. When the ball is being dribbled towards the basket then everyone should guard it. Help is, therefore, very important in stopping the layups, penetrations, and any problems that may occur.


Shrink The Court

The smaller the area the better your defense will be. One of the most successful tactics in boxing is cutting off the ring. You, therefore, need to tell your team areas where you want the balls to be so that they don’t allow it out.

One of the tactics is to force the offense to play on one side. By ensuring that the ball remains on one side, you can greatly limit the chances of penetration and determine who will control the ball. You can also force the ball to the corner or the baseline just force the offense to play in one side.


Deny And Deflect

This is perhaps one of the simplest drills. With this drill, you need two teams, half the court and three players each. The aim is for the offensive team to make 15 passes and the goal of the defense is to either deflect or steal the ball.

First, don’t allow the offense to set the screen just make them focus on making cut-offs. Once you are through with the drill you can allow the offensive players to come off the screens thereby forcing the defensive to communicate and react.





When it comes to achieving great defensive stance balancing is very important. Once you lose your balance you are bound to lose the game. It’s, therefore, very important to train your team to know how to balance.

Once you build your defense your players can assist one another to make your defense better.


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