How To Improve Basketball Skills Without A Ball

Improve Basketball Skills Without A Ball

Most of us always think you need a ball to practice your basketball skills. In all truth, the sport does not really revolve around the ball. There are several other physical aspects that players seldom ignore.

You can improve your skills in the comfort of your home without even touching one. Below are some examples of how to improve basketball skills without a ball:


How To Improve Basketball Skills Without A Ball

Polish Your Push-Up Game

While you might be wondering this is for, let me specify that you should focus on fingertip push-ups. This exercise move will have your fingers getting stronger and stronger every day.

This will lead to an increased ability to palm the ball as far as it’s concerned.

Run Regularly

Basketball games involve a great deal of running. You need to get your body used to this by practicing how to run every day.

Regular running will prevent you from easily getting out of breath and you will, therefore, outlast your opponents. Below are ways you can improve your basketball drills without a ball:

Superman Drill

Stand on the baseline of the court and begin running towards the closest free-throw line. Do 5 push-ups on your fingertips and afterward, immediately run back to the baseline you started at., then run towards the three-point line, drop down and do 10 push-ups.

Continue this for every line on the court until you end up at the original line. This is kind of like doing burpees only you’rerunning instead of jumping.

Kill Drill

This involves a full court down and back drill. It has to be timed. Start at the baseline and run toward the returning line, and then return to the baseline.

Do the first 4 to 6 runs for 1 minute 8 seconds. You can reduce the time as you continue to build stamina and your body becomes stronger.

Increase Your Leap

If you have the ability to jump well, you can improve your basketball skills without a ball by perfecting this skill. This can help you play better than players who are taller than you.

If you are on the taller side, do not ignore this. Practicing your vertical leap can help your team stay ahead of the game.

You should also jump rope regularly. It helps you improve your footwork.

Strengthen Your Core

This is kind of a given considering the intensity of this sport. Practice your leg lifts, plank, side plank, abdominal crunches and lower back extensions.

A strong core will help you finish the game without straining too much.

Research Sufficient Information About The Game

Learning the game on paper can greatly impact your physical ability to play. Learn all the roles and the rules that apply to the game so that you are not caught off-guard.



A good basketball player not only knows how to dribble the ball but also keeps himself/herself in great shape. Practice is the key to improving any skill.

It is, therefore, important that you practice the skills above and combine them with your ball skills to play well.

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