Gilas Has King James’s Agimat

gilas has agimat

Amulet in Filipino is “Agimat”. And the Gilas squad that will do battle in SEABA 2017 will have it in its arsenal.




Marvel at its beauty.

Lebron 14 Agimat
Lebron 14 Photo Courtesy of Nike Phils.

This is actually Lebron 14. The new shoes has already got a taste of battle, as Lebron James has already used it to close out the Toronto Raptors in Games 3 and 4.

Lebron James Agimat Shoes

The shoes will be available on May 20 and it’s SRP is at 8,895 PHP. It will only be available at Nike Park Fort BGC, Nike Park Glorietta 4, Titan Two Parkade BGC and The best part of this is that all of Gilas players have it.

Gilas Pilipinas
Gilas SEABA 12. Photo Courtesy of Nike Phil.


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