Best Workout Plan for Point Guards

Best Workout Plan for Point Guards

The secret behind the best basketball players revolves around four main things that any player can’t afford to ignore; strength, speed, agility, and most importantly conditioning. The rule of the thumb is to balance everything but you need to focus on your weakest areas. To do so, you will need a workout plan which should be tailored to fit your needs depending on the position you play.


The workouts should be well defined where three days goes for strength training and two days for speed, agility, and conditioning. There should be a rest day for recovery. Here is one of the best workout plans for point guards.




Workout Plan for Point Guards

Monday Workout Plan

• Pullovers
• Triceps extension
• Bench press
• Biceps curls

The above workouts will target the upper body. It is recommended to do 12 reps four times per workout but most people do 15 reps per workout. This will help you improve on your strength with an emphasis on hand strength.


Tuesday Workout Plan

• Leg curls
• Calf raise
• Leg press
• Squats
• Walking lunges

The above workouts focus on the lower body. Since basketball involves a lot of running and jumping; the need for strong legs arises. Strong legs also improve your stability. This makes squats and leg press some of the best workouts for point guards.


Thursday Workout Plan

• Seated row
• Straight legs deadlift
• Abs

The back and the stomach are the center parts of the body which requires a lot of attention during your workouts. The back gives you strength while the stomach contributes to your flexibility.

You should rest on Wednesday to give your body time to heal, recover and to refill your already drained energy reservoir.


Friday Workout Plan

• Standing sprints
• Starts and stops
• Shuffle, turn and run
• Hourglass sprints
• Zig-zag sprints

In order to perfect your agility and conditioning; you will need to work on your balance, reflexes, speed, endurance, and stamina. The above workouts, when done correctly, will help you optimize your agility.


Saturday Workout Plan

• Dips
• Pull-ups
• Single arm dumbbell
• Standing long jumps




Hands strength is very important in basketball. Shooting and ball handling depend majorly on hand strength thus players are advised to consider this when coming up with their workout plans. Pull-ups and dips are one of the best arms exercises; while standing long-jumps improves your flexibility and ability to jump high which is an additional advantage in basketball.

There is quite a big difference between being fit and being in basketball shape. Having good basketball shape isn’t the end of this. You still need to practice to develop your basketball skills. When you create your workout plan, you should still take into consideration the purposes of it. This should work hand in hand with the skills you’re developing.



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