Best Agility Training For Basketball Players

Agility Training For Basketball

Basketball is known to be a sport that is exceedingly dynamic, that is, it has the need for movements and swift transitions involving jogging, sprinting, and even jumping. For you to be effective and efficient while playing this kind of sport, it needs various skills to be acquired through intense training. Agility training for basketball players as well as speed training is relatively important to help in the mastering of essential skills. Here are best agility practices for the players.



Agility Training For Basketball

The Box Drill

In order to perform this drill, first of all, you should indicate a point at the center of the court by use of a cone as well as placing other cones on the corners of the basketball court. The coach should be involved in pointing out cones at random and you make a sprint towards the specified cone then move back to center cone. This is 90 seconds set.


The Ladder Drill

This is a drill good enough to improve your speed as well as strengthen the muscles of your leg. It is a highly intensive drill that also burns out lots of calories. There are various drills in this set the common one being moving from up to down or right to left depending on the kind of footwork you want to achieve.




Rope Jumping

This is among the best agility training for basketball players to improve on their footwork. That is, it helps to prevent tangling up of feet during play. It involves jumping over a rope that you will hold on both of your hands, how high or fast will depend on you as a player and what you want to achieve.


Weave in Weave out

For this drill, place four cones in a straight line with a spacing of about three yards. Then in between the 4 cones that you have put in a straight line, put other ones but on the right side; such that you have a line of cones A and B. Now sprint as you alternate legs from cone A then B onwards. Repeat the procedure about 8 times.


The Step Drills

This is another kind of footwork that helps with speed and agility. It requires the use of a platform that is elevated but placed on the floor. Then what you should do is step up with your right foot then as you bring it down, step up with the left one. This should be done as fast as possible within a specified period.



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