Basketball Training Tips For Beginners

Basketball Tips For Beginners

Basketball is such a fun game. Even more, basketball is a game that builds character and personality in my opinion. Growing up, basketball helped me find myself and more importantly build my confidence.



This article is for the beginner who likes to try out basketball. A couple of basketball training tips as you start this remarkable journey.

Basketball Tips For Beginners

Running Around the Basketball Court

Basketball involves a lot of running; obviously, because you spend the entire time chasing after the ball and trying to catch it. This means you will need to get used to running and be able to ”not run out of breathe” two minutes into your game. So when you get onto the court, do a few laps around the court.



This was my worst bit about basketball.” Why do I have to stretch? I did that last week.” The thing is every bit of your body needs to be in perfect shape. Stretch those muscles out with press ups as well as stretching out your arms, legs, and sides.


Pass the Ball

This is a simple drill to help your hands get used to throwing and catching the ball. You can get three or more players and simply take turns passing the ball to each other.


Pass and Pressure

This is also a good one for the entire team. Make two lines and make sure each player is facing each other. The first person passes the ball to the person opposite them and then to the person next to them; who in turn passes to the person opposite them. The process is then repeated.


Do As I Do

This is an easy fun drill. Copy whatever the leader does. This is best done when training as a team but can also be with two or three people (maybe with your friends in your backyard). If the leader dribbles, do the same.


Learning to Make a Layup

Just form a line facing the basket. Each player dribbles to the basket and tries to shoot the ball near the ring. After the first player made his turn, he immediately heads to the back of the line and try again, and the cycle continues. It will, of course, be hard in the beginning but you will learn to know at what point to stop dribbling and aim for the basket to make that basic layup.


Remember, these are basketball tips for the beginner. You will, of course, learn more sophisticated ones as you train with your team and your coach.



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