Basketball Skills For Point Guards

Point Guard Skills in Basketball

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world. Brings excitement and intense suspense to the crowd and the spectators. That is why many like this sport, due to the entertainment it provides.

Basketball consists of 5 main players, one of which is the playmaker. This position requires a large amount of point guard fundamentals skill.

Point guard skills include sharp dribbling, incredible passing methods, and accurate shots. This position is like the ball of the team captain. The point guard decides how the team will play inside the basketball court with the coach’s planning.

In general, a point guard must be a complete player who can lead the team to victory. Here are some tips to improve the three basic skills of basketball: pass, dribble and shoot to be a good point guard.


Basketball Skills For Point Guards


For a player to improve dribbling skills, practice is necessary. It takes intense practice and a lot of determination to successfully complete this training.

When dribbling, only the fingers should touch the ball and not the palm. This method increases control of the ball.

When dribbling, the height of the dribble must be less than the size. There will be a rhythm in the dribble; Now it is more difficult to steal the ball.

Practical drip with both hands. You do not want the opponent to know your game plans simply by looking at the hand you use to dribble. If the opponent notices that he only knows how to dribble with one hand, it will be easier for the other team to steal the ball.

Try to dribble the ball and treat it as part of your body. Through practice, the ball will move smoothly with your hands, feet, and body, giving you the advantage of running fast and playing fast.


To play basketball, dribbling is not the only thing a point guard needs to know. Passing the ball is also necessary for a true point guard to win the game. Great passes also mean great scores.

A point guard must know how to pass, when he has to pass, and who will pass the ball. Therefore, practice is also a crucial key to achieving this skill.

For a player with good passing skills, you can make straight passes; bouncing passes and aerial passes use a wall as a practice tool. Thanks to this method, you can see how clear your passes are.

You must also train your hands, be strong enough to make the passage. Efficiency and precision are also necessary to develop this ability so that the opposing team can not steal the ball.


All the effort of the team will be in vain if the team can score. Shooting skills are a priority. All the dribbles and the big passes will not give anything if they do not produce a score. Practice and repetition are necessary to develop the ability to shoot.

Make sure your body is aligned with your hands, body, and feet. By doing this, the muscles move freely and would center in one direction; therefore, when a player throws the ball in the basket, the result will be greater.

Try to train and condition your arms, so that the reflexes in your hand develop. Sufficient strength and throwing skills are needed to improve the accuracy of the shot.



In general, these basketball Skills For Point Guards will make you an excellent point guard. Train well and persevere.

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