Why Basketball is the Hardest Sport

Why Basketball is the Hardest Sport

There will be very different opinions on this and most likely it will all boil down to subjective opinions instead of objective observations.  Here’s what I think.

I think that basketball is the toughest sport or one of the hardest sport.




Unlike boxing or any other contact sport, you compete in a weight class where you are most appropriate.  Although basketball is not a fighting sport, you will still deal with physicality.  A hard pick from a 300-pound player will surely make an impact if given to a 140-pound player.  It’s not a fighting sport but it’s still a contact sport.


Similar to other sports, you need to improve your skills in different aspects.  Since you compete simultaneously with the opposing team, you need to both develop offensive and defensive skills.  By the way, we aren’t talking about mediocre skills here.


Team Sport
Unlike other sports like tennis which you can play on your own (this does not include your coaching staff, etc.), you’ll need to play well with your teammates within the court.  This is somewhat another skill that you need to develop; being a great team player.


Character and Leadership
Being the leader goes both ways.  If you’re the player, you’ll need to listen to team management and the coaches and be a good follower.  If you’re a player, you need to lead by example to all your other teammates.  This goes to say that this should be done even if you’re not the team captain.  Character is how you accept winning as well as losing.  A team sport is more complicated especially if you lost a game vs if it’s an individual sport and you have no one else to blame but yourself.


Pretty much every other sport can give you an injury but what’s tough for basketball are times when you leap or jump.  At this point, you have no control as to where you really are going especially that this is a contact sport.


These are some of the things I think that basketball is one of the toughest sport, if not the toughest one out there.  What do you think?  Do you know of any other sports that is the toughest or hardest?



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