Basketball Drills To Improve Ball Handling At Home

Basketball Ball Handling Drills

Improving your ball handling skills even at home is essential to be a better basketball player. One can find hundreds of different exercises that you can do while in the comfort of your home.




Basketball Ball Handling Drills

Hundred Dribbles

This drill will turn your ball handling into something second nature to you. For this, all you have to do is do 100 dribbles using first your dominant hand then 100 dribbles using your other hand. Make sure to feel the ball with your fingertips and refrain from using your palms. You can also do this with different kinds of stances.


Dribbling Trot

In this drill, you’ll need to find a vacant space near your house. This could be outside your garage or on the street itself. All you need to do is pick 2 spots where you slow and fast dribble from one end to the other. Use only one hand at a time when you dribble and move from one end to the other. Then, you do this while switching hands. Keep your chin up and eyes straight. Try and feel the ball and not look at it while you dribble and move.


Zigzag Dribbling

Like the dribbling trot, you’ll need a good space where you can dribble from end to end. The main difference here is that you’ll need to shift your directions after a few steps as you move forward. Having cones will make this easier but you can always make marks on the ground using a chalk.


These drills seem to be very basic but this will help you develop your dribbling skills. You need to master these before you can do the more difficult stuff like between the legs, cross-overs, behind the backs, etc. You need to be consistent with your training and be serious about it.


We hope these simple and obvious drills will help everyone develop their basketball dribbling skills and make them a better overall basketball player.



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