9 Things Basketball Players Need to Train

How Should Basketball Players Train

How should basketball players train? What should be a perfect basketball training program? Basketball is known as the game of natural physical gifts. You need to be both physically and mentally fit to be basketball player.

It will demand lateral movement, quickness, and explosive power. All these can be achieved by a successful training program. If you are interested to know more about basketball training, the following article is written for you only.


How Should Basketball Players Train


You can start with self-evaluation. You should evaluate the game to analyze your weakness and strength. The evaluation needs to be on your fundamentals such as ball handling and shooting. That will help you to focus on your strength, flexibility, power, reaction, agility, and explosiveness.

You can start the training depending on your evaluation. You should choose an appropriate training program to focus more on the weakness.


Strength Training

For strength training, you will have to focus on your entire body including legs, hips, upper body, and core. You can get a proper muscular balance by focusing on your ankle, hip, knee, joint, elbow, and shoulder.


Body Exercises

For body exercise, you will have to work on three types of motions. These are side to side, front to back, and twisting. You will have to work progressively to add resistance. You need to be more careful about the technique. The right techniques can prepare your body in the better manner.


Foot Training

You need to take special care of your feet. This is important to avoid injuries and to perform better on the court.


Core Training

You need to work your core since it will be the center of all movements. Your core will involve in all your activities. A core training means you need to focus on your chest to the knees that will include your abs, low back, hips, glutes, and everything that comes in between.


Mobility And Flexibility

As a basketball player, you will need more flexibility. You can practice stretching before and after workouts to improve your flexibility. You need to focus more on the appropriate movements to improve mobility, posture, and flexibility.



The shape is also important for a basketball player. For this, you do not need to practice intense workouts. Instead, you should practice some decent conditioning with your skill. You can also mix some cross training like biking and jump rope to enjoy it more while achieving your required shape.


Skill Training

In addition to the above, you will have to focus on skills enhancement as well. Without proper skills, you will not be able to pass, shoot, rebound, or handle the ball. You will have to work on the fundamentals, especially on the ball handling and shooting to get perfection. Your skill training sessions need to be intense and result-driven.


Diet Training

Your food habit will also have a key role. Normally, the basketball players prefer to gain weight and for this, they will need to eat more calories than they burn.



A basketball training program will be a great combination of core and body strength, skill enhancement, flexibility, nutrition, rest and recovery. You will have to focus on all the aspects to be a good basketball player.


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