7 Reasons Why Basketball is the Best Sport in the World

7 Reasons Why Basketball is the Best Sport in the World

Basketball Fans

The most popular fans we know are the football fans.  What we mean by football here is not American football but soccer for Americans.  However, some of these fans are very unruly.  We’d like to think that basketball fans are as passionate but are more disciplined as spectators as well.




Basketball Game Time

I believe that the timeframe for the whole basketball game is just the right time.  40 minutes for amateur games and 48 minutes for professional games.  This will give us 1 hour to 1 and a half hours of game time, including commercials and others.  The time is not too long that it’s wasteful to just watch a sport, and it’s long enough to make us feel excited and contented with being entertained.


The Basketball Courts

The basketball playing field or basketball court is also just the right size.  You don’t exhaust too much when you play thus you’ll be able to focus more on your skills.  As for spectators, the size is enough to see everything on the court.  Basketball courts are also not that big so you can pretty much set it up in a vacant lot with enough size.


Basketball Uniforms

A sleeveless shirt looks sportier than that of sports uniforms with sleeves.  There are also limitless design options.  There just some certain things you need to have depending on what league a team is playing.


Height Doesn’t Really Matter

Basketball has been stereotyped as a big man’s game; but if you noticed, pretty much every sport is like this.  Whoever has the better gifted physical player has an edge.  With the progression of the game, there are more 3 point shooters in the league.  It’s still basically skill and talent over physical gifts.  However, it can’t be helped if you’re already physically gifted and both skills and talent are beyond comparison.


Game Play

One of the most appealing parts of basketball is that you can play it in different ways.  You can play 5 on 5, 3 on 3, or even 1 on 1.  It’s a team sport which can also be an individual sport.


Awesome Basketball Highlights

There are not enough basketball highlights.  You can expect to see these on both ends of the court.  You have both offensive and defensive highlights.


You can pretty much give more reasons as to why Basketball is the best sport ever and you can argue as to why you think differently, but these are the reasons on top of my head why I believe basketball is the best sport in the world.  It’s the best sport to participate in, and it’s the best sport to watch.


What sport do you most like to play and watch?



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