6 Easy Ways To Improve Your Basketball Skills

How To Improve Your Basketball Skills

Do you want to become a good basketball player? With some talent and a lot of hard work, you can go from being an amateur basketball player to a professional baller in a short amount of time.

Below is a list of ways and drills you can do to improve your basketball skills.


How To Improve Your Basketball Skills

Practice Shooting

It’s important for a player to score points and help their team win. Learning the basics of shooting a basketball is very important, it increases your chances of scoring. Once you get the shooting basics you can practice shooting from different places on the court.

You should also train how to shoot with one hand on both sides. This makes a player flexible and skilled enough to score under any circumstance.

Hit The Gym

You may be good at dribbling or shooting but you are generally weak. This is disadvantageous because other stronger or bigger players can bully you easily. Going to the gym can help you improve on your speed or stamina.

Besides that, hitting the gym regularly toughens your body and chances of you getting an injury are minimal.

When at the gym you should focus on drills that are bound to sharpen your skills. Focusing on everything only wears and tears you out faster.

Dribble Regularly To Enhance Your Ball Handling Skills

Good ball handling skills are some of the important skills a good basketball player should possess. In order to enhance your dribbling skills, you should practice regularly with a ball and a partner who will help you.

One of the best dribbling drills is dribbling a basketball on one hand while tossing a tennis ball with the other. This drill improves and sharpens the body’s coordination and reflex which is important during a basketball game.

Watch And Play Many Games

With experience comes a lot of knowledge. In order to a better basketball player, you need to constantly learn the game. Watch NBA or any basketball games and players. Learn by seeing other better players playing and learn from their mistakes.

Competing or playing basketball regularly also improves your skill level. You get to learn your weaknesses and also hone where you are good at.

Wake Up Early And Run

Basketball is a high-intensity sport. An average basketball player runs an average of 2.55 miles per game. In order to play a full game comfortably, a player needs to be incredibly fit. Jogging a few miles every morning is a good way of improving your fitness levels.

Besides ensuring that you hit the gym or improving your ball handling skills you need to run frequently in order to ensure that your fitness levels remain up.

Learn More About Basketball And How To Play Your Position

Basketball is constantly evolving. Constantly learn new rules or how to play your position better. This will help you play your role in the team even better. Learning the rules helps you avoid getting penalized and costing your team valuable points.



As much as you need to train on your own, basketball is a team sport and you should work together with your teammates as a unit.

Players should also embrace healthy eating in order to ensure their bodies are strong and healthy.

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