5 of The Most Important Skills for Playing Basketball

Skills for Playing Basketball

Basketball is ball game played most importantly with the hands and involves running, dribbling, jumping and shooting to achieve the required aim of putting the ball in a mounted hoop. A standard game involves two teams consisting of five players on each team playing against each other with the aim of putting the ball through the hoop of the other team and scoring points.



Here are some very important skills needed in playing the beautiful game of Basketball and placing you ahead of your competition:

Skills for Playing Basketball

Excellent footwork for basic moves

The basic skills of basketball which include passing, dribbling, jumping and shooting can’t be achieved without excellent footwork accompanying the completion of each skill. This attribute is greatly underrated but is very important in differentiating an average player from a great player. Excellent footwork helps you to hold your balance during passing and shooting. It also helps to improve your agility while dribbling, such as helping to create feints in a synchronized combo with your hands and the ball thereby allowing you easily beat your man.

Accurate shooting

This is a very important characteristic of every great player in this wonderful fast-paced game. You win games by accumulating the most number of points and these points are only gotten when you put the ball through the hoop. This can only be achieved by shooting either near the hoop or far from the hoop. This is why you need to have accurate and sharpshooting skills. So practice your shooting skills to a definite point where you can be sure of shooting a pinpoint shot from certain locations. The more accurate shots you have, the more points your team accumulates.

Effective dribbling and ball handling

Get used to the feel and movement of the ball around your hand and fingers. Practice this through static movement and slow-motion movement of the ball. Getting accustomed to this helps accelerate your hand-eye coordination of where your hand and ball is during phases of the game such as dribbling, catching, throwing and shooting. It is also a great attribute as you don’t have to keep your eyes trained on the ball for every move you make as your hand knows where the ball is from predictive movements learned over time.

Efficient defending

Yet another underrated skill in playing basketball is ball defense. As important as it is to score points putting the ball through your opponent’s hoop, it is also important that you stop them from also doing likewise. This can be achieved by learning how to steal the ball from an opposing player or predicting a ball throw and intercepting it.

Excellent Passing

A lot of young players believe this is one of the simpler acts of the game. Taking the ball and throwing it to your teammate involves accuracies that need to be considered. The trajectory of the throw, the speed and the timing of the throw are necessary to avoid interceptions.




In conclusion, if you can harness each of these skills adeptly, there’s no stopping that great player that would emerge in this great game.

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