3 Drills To Help You Jump Higher for Basketball

Jump Higher in Basketball using Skipping Ropes

These three drills are hand-picked to enable basketball players to jump very high. There are no limits to them; everyone with the need to improve their jumping capability can try them add them to your list of basketball drills you can do at home.


Drills to Jump Higher for Basketball

1. Rope skipping

In sports, reflexes are important for those quick and essential moves. Players with good reflexes have the advantage of reacting quicker than their opponents. This is why it is important to train your body to react fast and effectively.

This may seem like a simple exercise but it’s quite useful. The rope you swing is the action; your jumping is the reaction. As you change the pace of your swing, you fine tune your reflexes to respond to the change. To master this drill means you have good reflexes to land shots that require you to jump high and to jump to block your opponents’ shots. So keep your rope close and jump for 5 minutes at these time intervals; before, during, and after practice.

2. Uneven rope skipping

Now that your reflexes are in check, it’s time to work on jumping higher. This drill will enable you to see how high you are able to jump and help you jump higher. All you need for the setup is a longer rope and two points where you will tie both ends on.

You can set the heights of the two points to suit your body. On one end, tie the rope as low from the ground as you want. Set it to a level that will enable you to feel the jump but not work too hard to jump over it, just a few inches off the ground. On the other end give yourself a nice challenge. You know your objective and how high you want to jump. So, tie it at a height that will enable you to work towards a goal. If you want to jump 4 feet from the ground, then your highest point will be 4 feet. Skip or jump over the rope back and forth from your lowest point to your highest point and see how high you can go. Keep on doing this at a pace set by you until you reach your goal.

Now that your reflexes are getting a workout and you know your progress, you need to make your legs stronger. Stronger leg muscles increase your chances of jumping higher. They contribute to 25% of the total jump you will make. This drill should put you well on your way to stronger legs and ankles.

3. Power lunges

It really does not matter which leg you start with, both of them will feel the burn eventually. Having said that, make sure you feel the strain of both your legs to really give them a great work out.

Lunge either one of your legs forward, let you second leg follow to a point where it is close to touching the ground. Keep this position for about 15 seconds and return to your original position. Do the same with your other leg. Keep doing this drill until you can feel its effects on you. This is a great way to encourage muscle explosiveness and give you stronger legs.




Whether you are looking for a way to make your leg muscles stronger or jump very high, these drills can give you the necessary boost. You do not need to be a professional basketball athlete to try them out. All you need is dedication and a passion for exercise. Remember that with every drill comes great responsibility, so give your muscles a nice stretch before attempting any of them.

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