3 Big Reasons Why Conor McGregor Will Win Over Floyd Mayweather

3 Big Reasons Why Conor McGregor Will Win Over Floyd Mayweather

A lot of boxing fans have been talking about the upcoming fight between the 28-year old Irish fighter Conor McGregor and the 40-year old American Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. on this upcoming August 26, 2017, in Las Vegas. Many people just want to see who will defeat the other. Of course, it will be best if someone would win by a knockout. Undeniably, as the fight is fast approaching, the fans of both superstars are starting to raise their bets in favor of who they think will win in the boxing ring.




And as a fan, I also have my bet. For me, Conor McGregor will gain success in this boxing battle. Certainly, I did not arrive at this conclusion without my own basis. I have my solid reason, and these are:


1. McGregor is younger than Mayweather.

Definitely, many would argue that age doesn’t matter. I agree in that and that’s even why I think the age difference would give favor to McGregor. He is still young, invigorated, and has a strong stamina. Many would argue against it. But let’s face it, the older a person becomes, the weaker his body gets. Further, age will also determine the speed of punches. Lastly, as a young fighter, McGregor has a better set of eyes which can focus more on the fight.


2. McGregor has a lot of skills and techniques than Mayweather.

I have nothing against sole boxers. But, I just think that as a martial artist, McGregor will have a lot of skills and techniques that he can use to beat up Mayweather in the boxing ring. Boxer’s are only limited to punching when it comes to handwork. So, they are well trained to just punch in a forward direction, focusing on the areas from head to trunk. However, a martial artist is taught to have more hand movements in terms of attack and his focus as to where to punch is more complex. Martial artists are also experienced in receiving a lot and varied types of head and body attacks so it may give McGregor a favor. In addition, McGregor is not just a mere martial artist but he is also well-known for being a strong and witty warrior bringing down a lot of opponents.


3. McGregor has more stamina as a martial artist.

This means that as a martial artist, McGregor is more exposed to endure strong and hard punches when hit directly by a real fist. On the other hand, Mayweather is used to receiving strong but softer punches because of the gloves that his opponents wear. This means that McGregor has more endurance when it comes to receiving more painful attacks that will help him have a bigger chance of standing still until the end of 12 rounds.


Obviously, these are just personal opinions that I have come up with. Many could argue against my reasons. Hence, there will be others who will agree with me. Well, to really determine who will win, we just wait for the day of battle to come and see for ourselves.



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