27 Effective Ways to Prevent Basketball Injuries

How to prevent basketball injuries

If you love playing basketball, the worst thing that can happen to you is get an injury and not be able to play for a long time.

Most injuries are brought about by an unlucky accident but these tips can help you give a better chance of preventing basketball injuries.

How to Prevent Basketball Injuries

1. Warm Up

Warming up activates your muscles. It slowly increases your heart rate and blood circulation. This also loosens up your joints and increases the blood flow to the muscles.

2. Stretching

Stretching helps you to be more flexible and gives you a wider range of motion. It improves the muscle balance around your joints. It also increases the nutrients and blood supply to cartileges and muscles.

3. Have the right Gears

If you’re going to play basketball, it is best to use performance basketball shoes. There are also other items that you can use such as ankle supports, knee supports, elbow supports, and even mouthguards.

4. Strength Training

This can be done through regular exercise and weight training. The better your muscle condition is, the better your body can endure the strains of playing basketball.

5. Regular Physical Examination

A regular physical examination is helpful to detect irregularities in your body like minor injuries that can lead to major injuries if you continue playing basketball.

6. Always Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated fights fatigue. It contributes to the restoration of body systems and the production of energy. This will result in a better basketball performance and reduces the risk of injury caused by fatigue.

7. Keep Fit

A friend of mine once said that some think they should play basketball to be fit but it should be you must be fit to play basketball. A less fit basketball player is more prone to injuries because his body can’t cope with basketball plays.

8. Restart Gradually

If you’ve been sidelined from playing basketball for whatever reason, this could be by injury, work, study, or just laziness; you should start out again slowly.

9. Give Time to Heal Injuries

What’s worse than having injuries? It is having the same injury and worsening it because you still played before it fully heals.

10. Avoid Too Much Exercise or Playing Basketball

Too much exercise or playing basketball will exert so much effort on the same muscles, joints, and ligaments that will cause wear and tear at a much higher pace.

11. Improving your Playing Technique

Some players play with reckless abandon. This could lead to serious injury. You should switch to playing a more calculated game to reduce the risk of injury.

12. Prevent the Same Injury

Unfortunately, if you continue getting the same injury on the same place in the body, there is a high risk of not being fully healed thus there will always be a high chance of re-injuring.

13. Take a Break

Fatigue is one of the reasons why basketball players get injured. If you’re starting to feel tired, you should rest. This not only prevents injury, but it also gives you a chance to play better after resting.

14. Keep in Mind your Lower Body

Most basketball injuries are on the lower parts of the body. Most commonly the knees and the ankles. It is best to train these joints and the muscles around it.

15. Do Not Wear Jewelry

This is not just for you but also for the safety of other players. Wearing jewelry can cause lacerations and bruises. An earring can rip your earlobes. A ring can get caught in the basketball ring net.

16. Sweep and Mop the Basketball Court Floor

A slippery basketball court is definitely not fun to play with. It can also cause a lot of injuries, even concussions if you fall down head first.

17. Follow Basketball Rules

Rules are made to make the game fun and fair. It is also put in place to keep the players safe.

18. Do Not Play When in Pain

If you’re in pain, this means that something is wrong with your body. You shouldn’t play basketball and have a specialist look into this first.

19. Cross Training

Playing basketball involves a set of muscles, joints, and ligaments that you usually use. Training other body parts will give you better overall body functioning balance. This can help you prevent future injuries.

20. Keep Your Nutrition In Check

Playing the game of basketball consumes a lot of energy thus you’ll need to consume a good amount of carbohydrates. You’ll also need Vitamin C, B’s, calcium, Omega 3, and protein-rich foods for tissue repair.

21. Look Out for Rough Players

If it’s just a casual game, it is better to just stay away from very rough players. They tend to fling their elbows or go under you when you jump.

22. Stay Focus on The Game

You should be in the game when playing basketball. Having distractions while playing basketball may lead to unforeseen injuries.

23. Be Confident in Playing Basketball

If you’re too nervous or unsure of playing, you won’t be able to perform well. At worse, this can lead to wrong gameplay decisions that can lead to basketball injuries.

24. Physical Therapy

Whether you have a previous injury or you still haven’t gotten it, it is best to undergo physical therapy to improve your body’s physical functions.

25. Play at Your Appropriate Level

There are times that you should play with better competition to improve your basketball game. However, this is dependent on the level gap. An extreme example is if a grade schooler will play against college players. The younger players will be prone to too much physicality and may get injured.

26. Try to Play Within Your Position

If you’re a Center and you play Point Guard, there is a higher chance that you can get your ankles rolled because of how different the 2 positions’ game styles are played.

27. Self Awareness

All of the things listed above is worthless if you are not self-aware as to your status or condition. You should check yourself first and be smart enough to know what to do to prevent basketball injuries.

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