11 Tips On How To Improve Your Basketball Jump Shot

Improve Your Basketball Jump Shot

A jump shot is a piece of artwork, but often many young players never understand the quality of work it takes to achieve this beautiful art form. We’ll try and give you some specific techniques you should check to correct the mistakes you are constantly making in your basketball game. So are you ready to transform your jump shots?


How To Improve Your Basketball Jump Shot

Watch Your Foot Placements

The foot placement is an important thing, not only for an effective jump shot but also to improve your complete game. When you receive the ball, keep your feet shoulder width apart for good balance. Your feet should be in the same direction as your shooting hand.


Placing Your Hands

When you catch the ball, you must be prepared for a nice shooting position. Make sure to rest the ball on your fingertips, not directly on your palm. Having the ball on your palm as you shoot can lower the shot delivery of your ball.


Location Of Your Elbow

Keep your elbow tucked near your body and aligned towards your hoop.


Proper Jumping

Your jump in a jump shot is really important. If you don’t properly jump while shooting, it will be really easy to defend the shot. A standard jump shot is to release the ball at the peak of your jump. Advance techniques differ and can still be effective.


The Focal Point

Bring your attention to the hoop and imagine a place in the middle of the hoop where you want the ball to go through.


The Main Shot

When you come near to releasing the shot, don’t forget to snap your wrist gently. This will give the ball some extra momentum. Always remember you should never force any shot. It should come naturally.


Build Your Confidence Slowly

When you practice the shots over and over again, you’ll eventually get better. Seeing your shots go through the net will bring in more confidence gradually. Sometimes, all it takes is confidence to make the shots.


Be Comfortable

You have to feel comfortable when you shoot the ball. You should never feel uneasy when shooting the basketball.


Your Landing Spot

When you are practicing the shots, see if you are landing on the same spot every time. It’s all about consistency and routine. This is basically a part of your shooting consistency.


Practice In The Dark

This will help you better gauge the distance of the basketball rim from you. Doing so will also make it second nature to you. It means that you don’t have to be consciously making an effort of measuring the distance and height of the shot.


Practice Is The Key

Just like any skill mastery, you should keep on practicing your basketball jump shot.



Jump shooting is or could be the most noticed move in basketball. Any team will always want a really good shooter. Why not be you. You’ll get to play a lot more if you develop your shooting skills.


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