How I Upgrade My Content

How I Make Improvements On My Blog Posts

I’m going to share how I upgrade content to try and improve the SEO rankings of my previous posts. This is a copy of what Neil Patel taught on his blog. I adapted it and made some changes to accommodate my circumstances.

To start, you’ll need some free online tools for this to work. I emphasize free because I don’t have the funds to pay for some premium tools. But I have to say that these free online tools work well for our purpose.

Here are the free online tools that you’ll need for your content upgrade project.


This is an awesome free SEO tool that Neil Patel’s team developed. For a freebie user, I’m very pleased with the tool they made. There are a lot of things Ubersuggest offers like an SEO analyzer, backlinks checker, keyword ideas, content ideas, some of your keyword rankings, as well as the top pages of a website.

Most SEO’s may call the tool very simple but it fits me. I try not to complicate my SEO with too much data. You can check the tool on Neil’s blog or just go to

Online Character Count Tool

There are a lot of word counter tools online, but since all you’ll only need the number of words for a particular post, will do the work for you. It’s very simple to use. Just copy and paste the content on and it will calculate the number of words.

Google Search Console

This is a free Google Webmaster tool. You just need to sign up for a Google account, create an account on Set up your account to integrate Search Console.

You’ll need to have it already set up so that data has already been gathered before you can do our content upgrade process.

Google Sheets

We’ll just use Google sheets to record the data that we’ve gathered from the other online tools.

Now here’s the process of how we’ll upgrade our content or previous posts.

Collect Data From Google Search Console

You’ll need first to check your Search Console account. Check the keywords that you’re currently getting impressions of but are not getting zero to low clicks. We’ll use the keyword “content marketing” as an example.

You’ll then check which posts or page “content marketing” is ranking you for. Add this data on your Google Sheet. You can target several keywords that rank on the same page, but as for me, I do it one keyword at a time.

Check The Keyword On

After inputting the data on your Google Sheet, you can then go ahead and check the keyword on Ubersuggest.

After searching for the keyword, you should click Keyword Ideas next. This will show you the Keyword Overview of the keyword you searched. It gives detailed information of the top 100 results for the keyword on Google, estimated visits, the number of backlinks, the Domain Score, and the number of social shares.

For our content upgrade project, we’ll only use the top 10 results. We’ll need the average number of backlinks, the average number of words, and the average number of images from the top 10 results.

It’s a good thing that Ubersuggest already computes the average number of backlinks from the top 10 results so we’ll now just need the average number of words and the average number of images.

Online Character Count Tool

We will now use the online character or word count tool. I suggest using You’ll need to visit each of the top 10 posts. Just copy and paste the content of the posts.

You can do this 1 post at a time or just paste all the posts on the word counter tool and divide by 10 at the end to get the average number of words used for all the top 10 posts.

As for the images, you’ll need to manually count and average the number of images uses for all the top 10 posts. Input everything on your Google sheet.

Upgrading The Content

It’s time to update or upgrade your post. I have a figure that I used as a guide but I do not have a study to say that this consistently works. My goal is to upgrade my content by 25% of the average top 10 posts.

So if the average number of words from the top 10 posts is 1,000 words, I’ll need to update my posts to have at least 1,250 words. This is the same as the images.

Once you’ve updated your post, you can then submit it on your Google Search Console so it’s placed on a queue for recrawl. I’ll wait for about 3 months before updating the content again.

For the next update, I won’t use the same method as earlier but just improve it again by 25%. This will be a consistent updating process every 3 months.

You should also make sure that you do not add too many fluffs on your posts. As much as possible, only add content that’s very relative to the main keyword you’re targeting.

That’s it. This is my content upgrade plan. I hope that this works for you if you decide to do the same. I encourage the same one-man SEO’ers out there to try this too!

There are other things that you can improve your SEO score or SERP ranking like page speed. You can check this article about an amazing WordPress theme that’s very light that improves your site’s speed.

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