Fastest WordPress Theme I Have Ever Seen

Fastest WordPress Theme I Have Ever Seen

If you’re just like me who is having issues with site speed, you may have tried different things already. I’ve tried different WordPress themes and plugins to speed up my site but with no luck.

Until I came across the guys from I’ve been watching their Youtube videos for quite some time and got inspired in working on my blog.

Their team has developed an awesome simple WordPress theme that does amazing work in speeding up the site. They call it Acabado.

I will give my personal opinions, review, and observations on Acabado WordPress theme. I’ll use as a test site for this.

I’ll first check the current site speed from Google PageSpeed Insights and GTmetrix. You can easily search these on Google.

According to Google PageSpeed Insights, out of 100, mobile speed is 30 while desktop speed is 72.

As for my GTmetrix scores, I got a PageSpeed score of B or 86 and YSlow score of D or 67.

Let’s start. Without doing anything else, I’ll just upload and activate the Acabado WordPress theme.

I’ve re-run the site on both Google PageSpeed Insights and GTmetrix and here are the results.

Google PageSpeed Insights now shows a Mobile Speed of 68 and a Desktop Speed of 83. Mobile Speed has shown a significant increase.

GTmetrix also shows some improvement with speed. PageSpeed score is still B but now at 89 and YSlow Score is at C or 70.

The next steps are to install a plugin which is the ShortPixel Image Optimizer and removing unwanted WordPress plugins.

I’ve removed some of the plugins like MonsterInsights which I use to add the analytics code. I’ve also removed JetPack. But I like JetPack, let’s wait and see if I’ll add this again in the future.

Now, here are the results of optimizing the images and removing WordPress plugins that are not needed.

An amazing improvement on Google PageSpeed Insights. Mobile speed is now way up to 97 and Desktop speed is now at 98. I’m pleasantly surprised by this.

GTmetrix has also shown improvement. PageSpeed score is now A for 92 and YSlow score is at C or 78.

Some things to take note though. No ads are running on the site. Codes for the ads will slow down the site a little but I’m expecting it to be minimal.


I will continue to use the Acabado WordPress theme. I like how it sped up my site.

One thing that I don’t like with the theme is that I can’t add other widgets on the sidebar. The theme overwrites this. You can only add an about information, legal information, and an ad code.

Before I forget, you can get this theme on It’s not free but the guys on IncomeSchool priced it at $99 for 100 years of usage to any number of personal sites.

Update After Adding Some Ads

Unfortunately, my mobile speed has significantly decreased. The max mobile speed I’m getting now is 50. Desktop speed is still in the 90’s range so I’m happy with that one.

It’s probably because of the codes for the ads. The lesser the number of ads you run, the faster your site will speed up again.

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