Blog Traffic Project Part 1

My Blog Traffic Project Part 1

I’ve decided to document my journey in trying to increase a website’s traffic on my own.

This is basically a solo mode for creating the content and maintaining the website.

I should’ve done this from the start but I guess I was too lazy to do it then.

Here are the current stats of the site:

Website type: Blog
Niche: Health
First Post: July 2017
Number of Posts: 108

My target is to update you of my organic search analytics and search console results for the last 30 days every 50 posts.

Here is my Google Analytics audience overview for the last 30 days.

Blog Traffic Project Analytics Part 1

There were only 285 organic users that came to the site for the past 30 days considering I already have 108 posts at the time I generated this report.

My other stats do not look too good either. My bounce rate is very high and time on the site is just above 1 minute.

Here is my Google Search Console Performance for the last 28 days.

Blog Traffic Project Search Console Part 1

What do you think?

I’m feeling quite confident that I can add more impressions and clicks as I add more posts on the site.

However, I don’t think my average position and CTR will increase unless I dig in deep on the other posts and make changes.

I’ve done some guest postings before from not so authoritative sites. I think I only did 5 guest posts.

Writing the articles consumes much of my time that’s why I stopped doing guest posts and concentrated in getting at least a post a day.

If you have questions or suggestions on how to improve my site’s stats in terms of getting more traffic, please feel free to send me a message.

Please note that I’m currently doing this on my own and on the side because I have a regular office job.

I’ll update you again soon. Look forward to it. Thank you!

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