Blog Traffic Project Part 3

Blog Traffic Update 3

Hi there!

It’s time for another update about my niche site project. This is my 3rd update which means I’ve completed 200 blog posts.

Here’s a quick look at my Google Analytics Report.

Google Analytics June to December 2020

In the last report, the date ended on June 19th, so I generated a report from June 20th up to December 18th.

Comparing it to the previous period, it’s showing some positive results.

I hope this continues moving forward.

Now, here’s my Google Search Console Report.

Google Search Console June to December 2020

The report is from June 20th to December 16th.

My CTR dropped to just 3% and my average position to 12.2.

I haven’t checked this further. The drop could be because of ranking for new and more keywords although they could be just on page 2 or lower.

I should check my articles that are ranking on page 2 and edit them but balancing it with posting new content is quite difficult.

I guess I need to put some time into it.


I’m still looking forward to better results.

Although I’m struggling as to which one to prioritize. Creating new content or editing older ones.

I still have a long list of topics that I can write about.

If you have questions or suggestions, please send me a message using the contact form I provided.

Btw, just to add, I’ve removed the comments section on the niche site. I seem to keep getting spam comments which increases my bounce rate.

See you next time.

Have fun! Work hard! Do good!

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