Blog Traffic Project Part 2

Blog Traffic Update 2

I’ve finally reached my goal of writing 150 posts.

It’s a tough battle writing by yourself. I’ve had days that I’m too lazy to write new articles.

After 150 posts, here is my Google Analytics report.

Blog Traffic Update 2 Google Analytics

As you may notice, there is now a significant increase in users (1,557) compared to my last report (285).

The problem is that most of the traffic is coming to just 1 particular post. It’s about 50%.

So in case the rankings for that post drops, my traffic will also significantly drop.

Some things that I need to work on also is that my Average Session Duration has a big decrease. It’s now less than 1 minute.

My bounce rate has also increased but not by much. It’s still bad though. Our target should keep this as low as possible.

Here is my Google Search Console report for the past 28 days after 150 posts.

Blog Traffic Update 2 Google Search Console

Everything went significantly up.

But as I’ve mentioned earlier, these great stats are primarily from 1 post.

I should get some more posts ranking and getting more traffic.


Overall, I’m still happy about the results.

My next goal is to get to 200 posts. I’ll update you again as soon as I get there.

Hopefully, I’ll get more traffic and start earning from the site.

See you next time.

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