How To Conserve Electricity When Using Your Airconditioner

Conserve Electricity When Using Your Airconditioner

Most air conditioners now have an On and Off timer, and this can save you hundreds if you take advantage of it.

Here is how I use our air conditioner’s timer together with a mechanical timer to save electricity.

The mechanical timer that I mentioned is from Synergy. This is the Synergy Programmable 24 Hour Mechanical Timer. I bought this on Lazada for only P394. I bought 2 of these.

This product is model no. STR-024. It is 220V, 1650W Max, and 16A. Unfortunately, you can’t use this on bigger appliances like air conditioners and refrigerators.

Here are the 3 easy steps on how to use Synergy Mechanical Timer.

  1. Turn the red switch to Timer Mode.
  2. Set arrow mark to your current time.
  3. Push down the pins on the time you want your device to turn on. Conversely, pull up the pins on the time you want your device to be off.

If you want to bypass the timer mode, you can just turn the red switch to ON.

Synergy Mechanical Timer

The way I use this is I will set my air conditioner timer to turn off by 4 AM while the mechanical timer will start working by 4 AM. My electric fan is connected to the mechanical timer.

There are more different kinds of timers out there. Some are even digital and can even be used for air conditioners.

I hope you can also take advantage of this device and save money on your electricity bill.

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