Urban Gardening With Pechay

Urban Gardening With Pechay

This is my post about my pechay plantation.

Let’s try and do some urban gardening and start by growing some pechay.

I’ll start with pechay because I eat a lot of it and there are some good recipes that need pechay.

Here is my starting point. This is week 0 of my pechay gardening.

Week 0 Of Pechay Gardening

I just added some topsoil on two empty egg containers.

I added pechay seeds in all 24 slots. I bought the seeds in Lazada.

I then poured some water on the soil.

I’ve set this inside the house but near the window so it’ll get sunlight during the morning.

I’ll go back and check after one week.

Updated on June 30, 2020

Sad news. Unfortunately, this was a fail. The seeds didn’t grow.

My sister asked me why the soil was so dry and it would seem that you need to place them under direct sunlight.

I’ll be back with another update as soon as I’ve made changes.

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