2 Best Anime Shows From 1994

Best Anime Shows 1994

I think 1994 is the year that I’ve started watching anime.

Common Sunday morning cartoons weren’t enough for me anymore, there’s something about how anime presents magic, heroes, and robots.

Here is my list of the best anime shows from 1994.

1. Magic Knight Rayearth (season 1)

Magic Knight Rayearth Season 1 initially aired in October of 1994 and it had 20 episodes.

It was first known from the manga that was created in November 1993.

Magic Knight Rayearth Season 1 Anime 1994

If you like anime that’s filled with adventure, magic, and robots, you should watch Magic Knight Rayearth.

Well, I take it back because the robots or the mechas do not appear until the later episodes when it’s all about to end. Check out for season 2 though for more robot action.

I like how they made each hero have their own unique power attributes. The robots look cool but they’re not shown much in season 1.

Magic Knight Rayearth Season 1 still gets my to-watch recommendation because it sets you up to season 2 which I think has a better story and more robot and magic action.

2. Mobile Fighter G Gundam

Mobile Fighter G Gundam or Mobile Fighting Legend G Gundam aired in April 1994 to March 1995. It had 49 episodes.

It was shown in TV Asahi and was created by Sunrise studio.

There was also a manga released from April 1994 to April 1995 for 3 volumes. The manga was written by Koichi Tokita and was published by Kodansha.

It is listed under the anime genres of action, adventure, drama, martial arts, mecha, romance, sci-fi, space, and sports.

Mobile Fighter G Gundam Anime 1994

I think this is the first-ever Gundam anime that I’ve ever watched. I’m not sure if this is the one or was it, Gundam Wing, that I’ve first watched. I’m now not sure.

In total, I like the whole series because each Gundam was representing a country that gives each its own characteristics and qualities.

It’s the only Gundam that I can think of right now that suits up and doesn’t sit down and use controllers.

After rewatching Mobile Fighter G Gundam, I now notice some things that are a bit not to my taste.

First is that the main character, Domon Kasshu seems to have some serious anger or shouting issues. I don’t remember him being calm or not raising his voice for a single episode.

Also, his finishing move is his “shining finger” which his opponents seem to have a hard time dealing with. If it’s just his hand that defeats them, they should just cut the Gundam’s arm and it’s over.

He’ll probably win but I don’t remember any opponent trying to do this.

However, it’s still a good anime to watch in 1994. You should also check this out if you haven’t watched it.

You may want to skip it if you’ve already seen it. I don’t think that the re-watch value of this is graded highly.


These are just some of the anime shows that aired in 1994 but these are what I think the best and will definitely recommend you to watch.

If you’ve already watched these anime, check out my other best anime shows posts. I think you’ll find something in there that you haven’t watched yet.

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