Weekly Top 8 MTG Standard Black Decks Updated November 21st Of 2020

Top MTG Standard Black Decks 11282020

This is your weekly update of the top black Magic the Gathering decks that I’ve playtested.

These decks should be playtested for at least 20 games and have a minimum of 50% win rate.

For this week, these are the top Magic The Gathering decks that revolve around using black MtG cards.

1. Mono-Black Lurrus Squad by Jim Davis

Win Rate: 75%
Games: 20

2. Mono-Black Lurrus by AetherHub.com

Win Rate: 71%
Games: 35

3. Mono-Black Standard Lurrus Squad by CoolStuffInc

Win Rate: 70%
Games: 20

4. Mono-Black Budget Lurrus by LegenVD

Win Rate: 65%
Games: 20

5. Mono-Black Fiend by AetherHub.com

Win Rate: 65%
Games: 20

6. Mono-Black Aggro by icgstore

Win Rate: 65%
Games: 20

7. Rakdos Aggro by TheNewDrSpilikin

Win Rate: 65%
Games: 20

8. Mono-Black Demonic Nightmare by AliasV

Win Rate: 63%
Games: 30


These decks may perform better or not depending on how you played the games, your matchups, and luck.

I suggest trying them out as well and see if you enjoy playing them and get good results.

I hope to see you in the next update.

Work hard! Have fun! Do good!

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