Why Pacquiao Will Never Defeat Mayweather

Why Pacquiao Will Never Defeat Mayweather

This is also the same case as to the time they fought.  The real reason he won’t win over Mayweather is “FIRE.”  There is no longer any fire in his eyes for boxing.


Manny Pacquiao has been a champion in 8 boxing weight divisions.  He already has millions of dollars in his pocket.  He’s become that rich and popular enough to get him into the Senate office in the Philippines.


pacman and money


There is no “real” reason for him to fight or box.  If you watch his boxing documentaries, what do you think is his reason for boxing?  Is it for the love of the game or is it to give himself and his family a more comfortable life?  Do you think this is the main motivation for him to be really good at boxing?  We all know if you’re not that good and you don’t win, you’ll not get to the next stage and get more money out of boxing.



These days, you’ll hear him saying that he’s doing this for the fans; that he’s out there to give the fans a great fight.  Now, comparing the situations from before and now, do you still see the fire in Pacman’s eyes to actually “WIN” the match?  In my opinion, there’s a big difference of going inside the ring to entertain vs going in the ring to entertain.


Now I’m not downplaying his intent to fight just to share his earnings to the poor.  This is a good cause but do you think this is enough motivation?  Win or lose, he’s set to earn something right?


Basically, it’s not all about Mayweather, the fault here, I think is in Manny’s mindset.