Gilas Pilipinas Performance at SEABA 2017 And It’s Future

Gilas Pilipinas Performance at SEABA 2017 And It’s Future

SEABA 2017 Championship PhilippinesHere are my observations of the current Gilas and their performance at the recently concluded 2017 SEABA championship.  First, we need to congratulate the team despite it looking as an easy win for the Philippine team.


Despite playing well, we can clearly see that teamwork needs improvement.  This may be the case of having new members and that there wasn’t enough time to really gel and practice as a team.  Here are some of my observations.



Team Defense

We’re still struggling with proper defensive rotations and switches.  There are instances that opponents will find themselves open for a backdoor play or for just doing a basic pick and roll play.  We also see some player napping and not closing out on shooters.  This could be very fatal to a more competitive team.  Gilas should try and strive for ZERO let down in defensive pressure and effort.


Three-Point Shooting

I still think that we’re not that good at 3-point shooting.  During the 90’s, I forgot who the European coach said it; but he said that the Philippines is a good 3-point shooting team but we only make at best 3 of 5 shots.  In Europe, it’s normal or average to hit 4 of 5 3-point shots, provided the players’ are open.  I don’t think we have reached that level of shooting 4 of 5 yet.


These two are mainly the ones I’d like to address the team to really improve more.  Our size is quite competitive now with Blatche around.  We gang rebound and I don’t think teams will fill in 3 7’ers against us.  We have a really high-paced run and gun style.  We should keep our opponents busy with our style and not have them pound us inside with their big men.


Overall, team Philippines or Gilas is improving and I like watching them.  I look forward to their future games.  What do you guys think that they should improve on?  Do you think that they need to change their lineup?