2020 NBA Finals | Los Angeles Lakers Vs Miami Heat Predictions

2020 NBA Finals Los Angeles Lakers Vs Miami Heat Predictions

It’s the NBA Finals again. And in the 2019 to 2020 NBA Season, the Los Angeles Lakers will face the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals.

Most basketball analysts consider the Miami Heat as the big underdogs in the matchup.

Here are my 2019-2020 NBA Finals predictions. I also asked some of my basketball-loving friends of who they think will be the champions.

I’m going with the Miami Heat winning in game 7 of the finals.

Beng thinks LA will win on game 5.

Dabo votes for the Miami Heat to be the champions by game 6.

Marlo is on the same boat with Beng. They both think that the Los Angeles Lakers will win by game 5.

Daryl is like me. He believes that the games will be tough and that it’ll extend to game 7 with the Miami heat coming on top.

Harrice isn’t a Lakers fan but also thinks that they will win the championship. But he thinks it’ll take the Lakers 6 games to do it.


To summarize, there are 3 of us who thinks Miami will win and do it at least in 6 games.

3 of my other friends believe that Los Angels will be the champions. It may take the Lakers to do it in 5 games.

I’m looking forward to watching the NBA finals this year.

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