5 Best Basketball Anime

best basketball anime

I like playing basketball and watching anime so there’s no reason I wouldn’t like basketball anime. There isn’t much basketball anime shows out there but I’ll share you my favorites.

Here is my list of the best basketball anime shows that I’ve already watched. I hope you watch and like them too!

1. Slam Dunk

I think Slam Dunk is the first basketball anime that I’ve watched. This was even translated to our Filipino language and showed on local TV.

Slam Dunk originally aired from 1993 to 1996 and had 101 episodes in total. The anime wasn’t able to show the parts when they played during the Inter-High.

You should read the manga to know what happened next after the last anime episode. The manga continued to show their Inter-High games except for the last game.

I like how the players were developed in the anime, especially the first five players of Shohoku as well as their 6th man.

My favorite basketball anime characters in Slam Dunk are Shohoku’s Hisashi Mitsui and Ryonan’s Akira Sendoh.

2. Kuroko no Basket (Kuroko’s Basketball)

Kuroko no Baksed initially aired from 2012 to 2015. It has a total of 75 episodes. It also featured a movie when they played against an elite street basketball team from the USA.

This anime has the feels of The Prince of Tennis. It’s somewhat half realistic and half fantasy. I still like it though.

My favorite basketball anime players here are Kaijoh’s Ryōta Kise and Tōō Academy’s Daiki Aomine. I like anime characters who can copy moves and make them their own. That’s why I also like Tsubasa Oozora from a football anime Captain Tsubasa.

3. Dear Boys (Hoop Days)

Dear Boys is another basketball anime that I’ve watched and enjoyed. However, it was short-lived because it felt like there wasn’t much depth on the story. I still watched it until the end though.

It aired on 2003 with just 26 episodes. Compared to Slam Dunk and Kuroko No Basket, this run was very short.

There isn’t much to choose from the basketball anime characters here. My favorites are Mizuho’s Kazuhiko Aikawa who is the lead star of the show and Mai Moritaka who is a female basketball player that’s the love interest of Aikawa.

4. Buzzer Beater

Shorter than Dear Boys is Buzzer Beater. It only has 13 episodes which originally aired on 2007. I’m not sure why they discontinued the manga or the anime.

I think that it was somewhat promising and new. An intergalactic basketball tournament where we have an alien playing for the Earth.

If I’m going to pick a favorite basketball anime character for Buzzer Beater, I guess I’ll just pick DT. The alien star player for the Earth.

5. Ahiru no Sora

I’m starting to like this basketball anime. It seems that there’s a demand for smaller basketball players that’s a big impact to their teams.

This is similar to Kuroko’s Basketball, Dear Boys and Buzzer Beat which have the small guys as the main characters.

If you would also like to check out upcoming anime shows, you can visit livechart.me. This is the place where I also check which anime I’ll look forward to.

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