Gilas Pilipinas After 2 Games at SEABA 2017

Gilas Pilipinas After 2 Games at SEABA 2017

Gilas Pilipinas has been playing great basketball at the moment but for SEABA level only.  There are a few things I’d like to point out with regards to their game play.



  1. 3-point shooting accuracy and consistency. It seems we are still not at the level as to how Gilas played in the World Championships.
  2. Blatche still gets to dribble the ball down to the other side of the court. Though it may look cool, I think it’s still better for him to quickly move the ball forward or look for his PG.
  3. Perimeter defense is poor. In the game against Singapre, there are a lot of instances when Singaprean player are getting open looks from outside the arc.
  4. Defensive switching is also poor. There are instances when a simple give-and-go will get a chance to make an easy lay-up.


These are just some points I noticed in their last 2 games against Myanmar and Singapore.  They’ll definitely improve as they’re given more time to gel and plan.  We’ll just need to correct these issues if we’re going to compete against higher level opponents.


Let me know what you think?  What are the other things that Gilas needs to improve on?

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